30.10.98 MiRņ
Yesterday	I was a man of faith
Somehow   	I had my kind of way
Silent		Hope has lost his face
May-day 	Tomorrow won't be safe

I got no choice
Just waste my voice
Against my belief in freedom
To live all my loneliness

I burnt		Antique books of saints
Fire !		Everything in flames
Green hope	is nothing but a paint
Red blood	is burning in these veins

I got no choice
Just waste my voice
To pierce darkened rooms of religion
To live all my emptiness

Burning, burning  All has got to change
Burning, burning  Never be the same
Time has been delayed (Time has been delayed)
Time's lost his name
Lost drips	Children with no brain   like
Flowers		Tearing down to jail   I
Feel strange	In this Eternal Rain
Nowhere 	A raft to sail away

I got no choice
Just waste my voice
To stop falling drops to create rocks
To leave alone all this mess

Falling, falling  All is burnt in vain
Falling, falling  God is it a fake
Time is trying to escape (Time is trying to escape)
It's time to awake

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