MiRņ 21.7.1996
Woooah... Goodnight my love,
sleep well along the night
Don't fear the dark
Lie down, turn out the light

In your bed there's everything you need
Your Teddy Bear, my chocolate sweets
So hit your sack, by now it's time to dream
Waterfalls, rainbows, you and me...

Goodnight my love,
in the sky tha stars will shine
Till the rising sun
Will begin the day in time

And tomorrow, wake up soon
Have your breakfast, run to school
When you'll finish, at quarter past two
I will be there, waiting for you

[Na na na naaa, la la la laaa, whistled, ecc.]

And now,
Now close your eyes
You  can count every sheep
Just wait a while
Until you fall... asleep...

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