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Past is what will never come back
Past is what you'll never forget
Past is gone and can't be reset
or why would you call it 'past'?

Many people live in the past
regretting, thinking, watching the dust
moving around but never too fast
present could reach them at last...

So you spent your time to walk up the stairs
faking a smile with lowered tail
Wasting priceless energy
but you're just my past, you're nothing to me!

Dust is aging over the shelf
timing the seasons and feeding the smell
graying the wood, untouched since it fell
waiting for years the sweep of a hand


Past, your time has gone I might have been wrong
but whatever I've done Past, leave me alone!

Must is just an obsolete verb
part of a time when I had to learn
that love doesn't have always to hurt
but baby, this time will never return!


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