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10070907 videoconcerto lavagna benny 12810 questions and 11 answers about MiRņ

*1* Who are MiRņ?
They're a musical group from Genoa (Italy) and this is their official site

*2* What do they want?
That you listen to their music

*3* What kind of music is it?
Multirock. It's nothing to deal with metal nor rap or classical, but a bit of all the rest of music world!
It's a Rock base with contaminations which differe from song to song from beat, latin, to reggae, grunge, punk etc

*4* Why should I listen to their music?
And because you're wandering with no sense around the internet, and you could spend couple of minutes for downloading our MP3s!!!

*5* And what if I would like to know more about their gigs?
Take a look to the concerts page or
just contact us (if the online form scares you email us at miro at mironet dot it)

*6* How can I insult them?
I just said to contact us, you cabbagehead!

*7* I'm a beautiful cool cute intelligent smart girl, can I contact you?
Well... Ok, try contact us or throw your bra on the stage with your addresse and phone number!

*8* But who knows you?
Everybody! You're the last to know of us... Cmon, wake up! If you want you may read the press releases

*9* What's the last point of my existence?
We wanted to ask you the same question...
Anyway for sure listening to our music will help you.

*10* How do I write MiRņ?
As you see it, with that strange sign on the 'o' which is a 'stress', so called because people asking what it is are very stressing!

*11* ???????

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