short INFO

MiRò is the group created from Michele 'MiRò' Rossi, songwriter and vocals, Daniele Lagomarsino guitars, Roberto Arata bass, Michele Navone drums and percussions. And of course our special guests.

Every element has participated to concerts in Italy nationally relevant with names such as Cattivi pensieri, Alex Britti, Gemelli diversi ecc.

The band MiRò is born on 2000 in Genoa and offers its own songs.
Appreciate this!
Its stile has been described as kinda alternative rock, contaminated from latin roots and more styles...
We call it multirock
You may appreciate it depending from your taste...
The songs are written in different languages, sometimes mixed, (italian, english, spanish...) and often translated on the site.

As it's difficult to describe, the best way to find out their style is to download mp3s from the site and do-it-yourself!
Appreciate that mp3 are free!

The aim of the group is to make good music, different from most of the rubbish you find around, and let you appreciate it!

Music to listen...

MiRò also support events from Voluntary organisations.